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Axis SES Super easy to start

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SES Super easy to start

As the name suggests, our new SES complete package is super easy to get started on, at an attractive price point.

The SES range, while unique, is still modular and completely compatible with the rest of the AXIS red fuselage range of products. This ensures a clear progression route as riders’ skills improve.

Built around the AXIS industry-leading 19mm Alloy mast system, our Super Easy Start package features our latest 19mm base plate, an all-newly developed, moderate length, SES fuselage (725mm), which is perfect for beginner and intermediate foilers. This new fuselage integrates our ‘doodad’ system into the fuselage, enhancing our famed AXIS system rigidity while reducing components and simplifying assembly.

Our AXIS Super Easy Start foils are built using a proprietary new technique that features a Paulownia wood core and hybrid glass construction. These ship with custom-fit protective covers.

Drawing on the proven performance and easy turning of our BSC range, the SES has a slightly reduced aspect ratio for an even easier and smoother lift. The SES wings have rounded tips for safety and ease of use.

Choosing the perfect foil is also Super Easy. The AXIS SES package comes in 2 sizes:

  SES 1040 –  Best suited to riders 80kg (175lbs) and over, or any rider in areas where light winds or small surf prevail.

SES 940Best – suited to riders less the 80kg (175lbs), or heavier riders in areas where medium/high winds or larger surf prevail.

Both systems employ the new SES 450/80 rear stabiliser wing, designed specifically for stability, control and easy turning.

The Super Easy Start packages ship packed in a convenient padded carton box containing everything you need to assemble and ride. The AXIS SES setup is particularly suited to wing foiling but also great for Wake, SUP / Prone surfing and Pumping / Dock starting.

SES 1040 – Front 1040 wing span – Chord 220 – Area 1957 Cm2  – Projected area 1864 Cm2 – volume 3020 cm3 – aspect ratio 5.80 – Rear 450 – mast 75cm – fuselage 72cm
SES 940 – Front 940 wing span – Chord 210 – Area 1668 Cm2  – Projected area 1607 Cm2 – volume 2380 cm3 – aspect ratio 5.73 – Rear 450 – mast 75cm – fuselage 72cm

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