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S-Series Rear Wing

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The AXIS S-Series Carbon Rear Wing 500mm

is the most stable of our rear wings. Ideal for the entry level and all round riders, the 500 will make your ride as stable as it gets.

The AXIS S-Series Carbon Rear Wing 440mm

is the allround rear wing that does everything well. It feels looser than the 500mm rear wing, it’s playful and overall high performing.

The AXIS S-Series Carbon Rear Wing 400mm

is the carving specialist. Even looser than the AXIS S-Series Carbon 440cm rear wing, it’s the most turny and performance oriented rear wing on our collection.

The AXIS S-Series Rear Wing Flat 460mm  High Aspect – FLAT – Carbon

is our fastest rear wing, and the perfect companion to the PNG 1310 and 1150  front wings.

The AXIS Rear Wing 400mm High Aspect – FLAT – Carbon

A smaller and faster version of the 460 rear wing. Designed for the prorider in you

is our fastest rear wing, and the perfect companion of HPS 1050 – 980 – 930 and BSC 890 – 810.

The AXIS Rear Wing 420mm High Aspect – Carbon

New , with flat and high aspect section, and 17mm winglets on the tips for more stability while hard carving. FAST and high performance

The AXIS Rear Wing 380mm High Aspect – Carbon

An event smaller, faster and higher performance rear wing, carrying the same design principles as the 420

The all new AXIS Progressive Rear Wings are here. And it’s all about the turn.

Those rear are very popular and the perfect companion to the all  ART and HPS wings

425 -400-375- 350 –  325 – 300 – 275 -250

All the AXIS rear wing comes with cover included on the price

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    Dimensions N/A
    Available sizes

    250 mm Progressive, 275 mm Progressive, 300 mm Progressive, 325 mm Progressive, 350 mm Progressive, 370 mm, 375 Progressive, 380 HA mm, 390GAP mm, 400 HA FLAT mm, 400 mm, 400 mm Progressive, 420 HA mm, 425 mm Progressive, 440 mm, 460 HA FLAT mm, 500 mm, 358/35 mm Skinny, 359/40 mm Skinny, 360/45 mm Skinny, 362/50 mm Skinny, 365/55 mm Skinny

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