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Jimmy Lewis The Rail 14’0 x26.5 TEST


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The Rail Downwind 14’0 x 26.5 TEST

Finally available like brand new the Jimmy Lewis The Rail 14.0 x 26.5

The new ultimate race board for moderate to extreme downwind conditions.

The lower over all rocker gives this board very low drag paddling with quick acceleration for getting into glides.

This tested bottom curve does not ever “stick” or “catch” up front while on a glide or getting into a glide.

This unique bottom shape starts with a “V” in the nose that separates the water entry for zero drag.

Double concave which gives the board lift and direction then flows into a “V” in the back for effortless rail to rail responsiveness.

Board comes with rail saver pro and board bag

Color: Orange


14’0 x 26.5 LT 275

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14'' x 26.5''

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