Infinity Board Descriptions Design


Infinity board descriptions design, starting to the B-Line takes the razor-sharp shredding from the Blurr and borrows stability characteristics from the RNB to make up a fast, explosive, tour-level ride. The nose is slightly wider than the Blurr and still comes to a point. The outline stays linear for added stability and breaks that at the fins with a wing for great pivot off the bottom. The B-Line has a slightly more relaxed rocker in the front end making it very fast and added flip in the tail rocker for release when you want it. New for this year is the Izzi Gomez signature “check” colorway which she has made famous the last couple years competing on the APP World Tour

Round Nose BLURR – RNB

Is one of our most popular performance surf designs of all time. Infinity Board Descriptions Design, as a perfect blend of performance vs stability and a noticeably FAST board. This design bridges the gap between a traditional “shortboard” style outline and the “tomo” inspired parallel rail boards. This board allows riders to ride a shorter and narrower board while maintaining similar stability of a board 1-2″ wider. Features a slight concave and a deeper double between the fins. Very versatile in the small stuff and can mix it up in some juice as well with the 5 fin option

Round Nose BLURR  – Performance PVC Construction”

Same board, the same design we’re re-booting our PVC entry-level construction to come up with a very nice and new PPVC (Performance PVC) construction. This model hits the target entry-level customer much better than our previous PVC version.

The New Deal

New Deal has started a revolution with the come back of the longboard style SUP surf shapes. Every top brand has their version of this design now. The New Deal has the edge with an unmatched strength to weight ratio carbon construction and progressive sizes. We are excited to offer the next trend by adding “mid” length sizing for 2020. We’ve added an 8’ x 28” x 100L as well as an 8’6” x 30” x 115L to expand this range and continue the unique offering we have been known for. Make no mistake, this is a high-performance shape.


Dave Boehne has brought back an original favorite in the BLURR performance surf SUP with the highly anticipated V2, so The BlurrV2 incorporates a new SUPspensionTECH carbon construction to promote flex and work in conjunction with the new “step” rail design. Infinity board descriptions design, to this board features a single concave, pulled in tail template w/ a wing pintail taken from the New Deal. This board has lots of pivot off the bottom and seamless carve style ride under the feet. The new step rail provides hidden volume in the center of the board and takes thickness away from the rails allowing for a low aspect shortboard style rail in the water.

Target to reach

This step also creates strength corrugation which we worked on new SUPspensionTECH construction to promote flex back into the ride. The BLURRv2 sit right between the RNB and Bline. As you can see, the sizes are not quite as aggressive as the B-Line and not as generous as the RNB. The rocker is also not as low as the RNB and not as curved as the B-Line, it has more of a moderate traditional rocker which makes for predictable transitions and speed. We’ve added a new size 8’2” x 30” x 115L to the mix to fulfill that popular liter range. Infinity Board Descriptions Design

E-Ticket – All Conditions / Touring / Flat Deck

E-Ticket is aboard to take you anywhere, anytime. This is your ticket to a fun paddling experience. This board is based on the original Blackfish design with a nice wide tail that keeps the outline in the back very parallel for stability and easy glide. The wide point forward outline in the nose keeps the width underneath and slightly in front of the stance for predictable – easy cruising stability and comfort. The bottom contour is a hybrid-planning hull with the original Blackfish concave in the tail. This has been adopted by many of the top brands over the last few years, Blackfish was the first! In addition to its world-class DNA, we chose to build this board in our Wide Aquatic Innegra tech construction to offer it at a great price and come in as a “lights out” value for this category.


Innegra / PVC Hybrid

We’ve taken the “entry” level board to the next level. We use a combination of industrial-strength E glass blended with Innegra to layup the board’s shell. Innegra is a premium material that has an incredible impact on strength rating. There are multiple layers of glass with a bamboo veneer inlay on the deck to added strength in the high traffic area of the board. We reinforce all fin boxes, handles, vents, etc in high-density strength inserts and cap them for a near bomb-proof install. The handle is a low profile on the deck but opens up to a generous grab hold within the boards’ deck for easy carry and loading. Found in Wide Aquatic and E-ticket models.

PPVC  (Performance PVC)

Re-booting our PVC entry-level construction to come up with a very nice and new PPVC (Performance PVC) construction. This construction is made up of ultra-light CAD designed and CNC cut stringerless blank that is wrapped in a high-grade E glass shell and reinforced with PVC for strength and integrity. We add carbon for linear strength and flex control. This construction is very strong, durable and the way we have layered up the materials together has proven to be performance-driven. All fins and handles are installed with a high-density foam core then capped for a near bomb-proof install. Light, Strong and Performance-minded










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