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Infinity Sup Whiplash Dugout




Whiplash race supboard by Infinity Sup.

The Whiplash is THE fastest, most efficient board on the water. Now it is available in the most advanced HOLLOW carbon technology we have ever offered.

The revolutionary hybrid elevated tail with a mini-square tail design is the first of it’s kind and a completely new design approach in regards to maximum glide and release. The fastest most stable and efficient tail we have ever designed.

This board works very well upwind, and enough stable control to ride moderate bumps off the tail.

The New Whiplash went through some small refinements in key areas. Similar to the Blackfish, Dave Boehne kept with the unique inverse Vee bottom concept which leads the water down the center line in a more efficient displacement pattern which helps with tracking. The nose entry is even more sharp from the bottom up further back towards the standing area for an even more engaged feel and quiet cutting.

The nose entry got a sharper and more pronounced Vee shape underneath to cut the water even cleaner. The dugout got carved out inside to achieve another 1″ width in the cockpit. Thinned out the tail to help it sink easier for agility while executing buoy turns and riding bumps.

The bottom has a flatter rail panel under the feet compared to 2021; this was lengthened to increase even more side to side stability. We’ve shortened the step rail all the way back to the tailblock, which finishes off into a narrow square tail at the corners. This provides a cleaner release, more control while back on the tail and a very slippery glide per stroke.

This tail has proven to provide unmatched glide per stroke and fantastic stability in narrow widths. The tail works as two in one. Narrow low drag speed while paddling and wider max stability when you step back sink and engage the tail. A true industry first in tail design. The feel will blow your mind.

Just some quick info to pass along to anyone who purchase a whiplash hollow board :


1. When it’s hot out or if the board has been left on land in the sun and is hot DO NOT go directly into the water. The board must sit in the shade for 15 mins to cool down the core before entering cool water. The board potentially can shrink when the temp of the core is drastically hotter than the water.
2. Don’t sit on the board (yes many people do this for some reason) Don’t sit on it’s side on the rails. The hollow construction on the rail is empty inside.
3. Be careful when strapping the board down too much compression is not good for the shell. Recommended to strap by itself not with another board on top or below
All the Whiplash dugout hollow  will remain in collection without changement as shape and color options for all 2023

Specs: 14’x21″ LT 254 – 14’x22.5″ LT 272 – 14’x24″ LT 298 – 14’0x25.5 LT316


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    Dimensions N/A
    Available colors

    Gold, Grey, Purple

    Available sizes

    14' x 22.5", 14' x 25.5", 14' x 21'', 14' x 24''



    ConstructionNew hollow carbon fiber construction
    FinCarbon center fin

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