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Power Carbon Mast – Power Carbon Mast High Modulus – PRO Ultra High Modulus Carbon Masts

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NEW Power Carbon mast

PRO Ultra High Modulus Carbon Masts

Affectionately named the ‘dogleg’ by the test team, the PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon is quite a departure from the industry’s more conventional masts.
Building on the impressive performance and stiffness of our existing Carbon mast program, the PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon boasts an unbelievable 55% increase in stiffness and incredible torsional rigidity as compared to our industry-standard 19mm Alloy mast. (By comparison, our Power Carbon and Power Carbon High Modulus are 25% and 35% stiffer respectively)

Available in 3 sizes, 800mm (31.49″), 900mm (35.43″), 1050mm (41.33″).

AXIS Power Carbon & Power Carbon – High Modulus mast family

Recent development in foil design and performance (high aspect ratios and broader spans) demand stiffer, more direct and positive connections than current masts deliver.

Bend (lateral distortion) and twist/torsion (rotation around the mast’s length or torque axis) compromise connection, control, speed and ultimately the hydrodynamic efficiency of your hydrofoil’s potential. The stiffer the mast, the better the connection to the foil system and more importantly the untapped potential of high-performance foil designs can be fully realised.

AXIS Power Carbon addresses these challenges, delivering bend resistance that is superior to the stiffest Alloy masts combined with next-level torque axis resistance. (Surpassing the stiffness of our 19mm Alloy mast which is the market stiffness benchmark)

The result is a positive connected feel, direct drive, immediate feedback and ultimate control. High aspect foils perform as they should, feel and control enter an entirely new realm.

The new High Modulus Carbon fibre used in our mast layup is considerably stiffer and stronger than the regular carbon fibre used in conventional constructions. Innovative, considered and balanced placement of materials in our proprietary production process paired with rigorous testing has delivered a breathtaking performance leap.

Opting for a one-piece design, we avoided the flow/drag and jointing issues associated with multi-part mast constructions. Additionally and more importantly, testing proves that maximum loading is concentrated close to the baseplate and this is why the mast tapers thicker at this point to handle the loads. Any joins or two piece construction at this high load area would destroy the integrity of the the mast.
A revised doodad design maximizes the size of the doodad to achieve a perfect fit to the fuselage reducing any chance of unwanted movement

AXIS Power Carbon Mast works perfectly with our complete range of foils, we believe every foiling discipline will benefit from unparalleled bend and twist resistance built into our new Power Carbon masts.

Available in two models, the Power Carbon and Power Carbon – High Modulus which goes even further to provide additional strength and more bend resistance for ultimate performance for the decerning and heavier riders on the broadest of front foils.

AXIS Power Carbon Masts have a new and greatly improved base connection design. While fully compatible with all existing Red & Black fuselage, a new installation technique/method is required, this involves simply inserting the mast leading edge first into the fuselage opening, then rotating the trailing edge down. Removal is done in reverse, trailing edge rotates out first… super simple!
Remember use only 30mm M8 bolts to attach fuselage to Power Carbon masts

Specs: 75cm – 82cm -90cm – 102cm


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Available sizes

102 cm, 102 cm high moduls, 75 cm, 75 cm high moduls, 82 cm hig moduls, 82cm, 90 cm, 90 cm high moduls, 105 cm PRO Ultra High Modulus Carbon Masts, 80 cm PRO Ultra High Modulus Carbon Masts, 90 cm PRO Ultra High Modulus Carbon Masts

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