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Jimmy Lewis Flying V

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Flying V –  Sup Foil by Jimmy Lewis.

The Flying V is Jimmy’s latest foil SUP.

Featuring max volume and blocky rails for maximum stability and paddling.

Flying V allows the rider to ride a much shorter board than usual for the ultimate in foiling performance.

The beveled chine rails provide easy lift-off and touch-down, and the tail lift keeps the tail clear when pumping.

These short lengths allow for much better performance, maneuverability, and glide once on foil.

Extra width through the full outline of the board, especially the tail, gives you incredible stability, paddling and tracking for these short boards.

Rocker line was also designed with stability, tracking, and paddle speed in mind but also to not “stick” in the nose when coming down from the foil.

The tail rocker is also very important in giving you that initial “pop” and water release to effortlessly get up on foil.

We were very lucky to work with the best foilers of the planet.

They helped us with the testing/development of these boards and gave us expert knowledge on optimum.

Tuttle box and plate attachment placement as well as ideal stance and foot placement.

Generally a lighter board will allow you to glide longer on foil which makes our Signature and Carbon Sandwich constructions.

Perfect match for these boards to keep them very light weight while giving maximum strength and reinforcement for the Tuttle box.

The deck pad has a center line as well as two horizontal lines for riders to get an accurate. Quick visual reference for foot placement for riding without straps.

Board has 5 different insert options for foot strap location and comes with foot straps.

The boards feature both a Tuttle box and a plate attachment for maximum flexibility.

Available in White color


6’5 x 28.5″ LT 115

6’11 x 29″ LT 127


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Available sizes

6'11", 6'5"

ConstructionJL Classic construction