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The AXIS ART 899 TEST is now available in da house!

The sports incredible speed, great glide coupled with effortless pumping and carving. The 899 enjoy stall speeds far lower than similarly sized wings giving intermediate riders an accessible platform for learning to pump and will assure rapid progression.

The reduced chord, high aspect wings are the most advanced, hydrodynamically efficient foil design on the market today. When combined with an AXIS Carbon mast and AXIS Progressive rear wings, they provide the ultimate friction free ride.

Specs ART 899: WINGSPAN: 899 mm / 35.43 inches, MAX CHORD: 120mm, 4.72 inches , MEAN AVERAGE CHORD: 92.22mm , ASPECT RATIO: 9.76 , ACTUAL AREA 850 square cm / 131.8 square inches , PROJECTED, AREA: 830 square cm / 128.6 square inches, VOLUME: 690 cubic cm / 42.1 cubic inches

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899 mm ART

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