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Yoga is a millenary discipline that involves body, posture, breath and spirituality.

The basic philosophy is Ayurvedic that also includes diet and lifestyle. Yoga is a universe that touches people really deeply. Incorporates it and, at the same time, makes it free.

Yoga is also know thyself, evaluating if and how to consider one’s limits. Try new possibilities of openness, letting go of the incredible wisdom of body and breathe. Yoga is the union with oneself and with the rest through a complete and balanced practice, aimed at the general improvement of one’s own conditions.

The last tendency of development of this discipline is the Sup Yoga.

The Sup Yoga is the transposition of the yoga exercises performed on stand up paddle board with the addition of the floatation of the board with its sweet instability. This makes it possible to amplify the benefit of training. Giving the feeling of well being and relaxation that only the water can give.

There are several benefits: improvement of balance, use of deep muscles not otherwise exercisable. The benefits of practicing yogic breathing in the open air, the pleasure of the sun on the skin that contributes to the daily production of vitamin D. And, why not, even a refreshing dip in the sea when you lose the concentration necessary to the perfect position and slip from the board.

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