I Love SUP inflatable board Care and Maintenance

Tips and advice about your I Love Sup board care and maintenance:

Direct sunlight may destroy your paddleboard:

Because mild sunlight can damage a board if left in the direct sunlight for a period of time.

Consider that on a mild day at 21°C (mid-to-high 70°F), the inside of a car can reach 77°C (170° F).

Never leave paddleboard exposed to direct sunlight when out of the water, so take care of your I Love SUP inflatable.

Always keep in the shade when not in the water. If you must expose your board to direct sunlight during transport or temporary storage, it is safest to keep the white (bottom) facing up.


Max pressure is 16 psi. If inflated cold to 16 psi, the pressure will increase in the sun causing potential damage to seams.

Damage resulting from heat is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty!

Board maintenance:

Sun, sand and salt water will degrade any man-made material over time.

Rinse off sand and salt water deposits from your paddleboard with fresh water and store in a cool, dry environment after each use about your I Love SUP inflatable

Pump maintenance:

Please be sure that before and during use, the pump is fully lubricated with oil. Therefore to lubricate the pump, open the top and spread a thin layer of oil or grease on the gasket and tube. Regularly clean the air filter located inside the top.

Carton contents:
As you open the carton, make sure the following are inside:
Backpack or SackPack
Pump with pressure gauge
Fin 7 or 9
Repair kit

I Love SUP inflatable


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