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Jimmy Lewis World wide 8.1 TEST




 World Wide 8.1 TEST

Finally available the world wide 8.1 Jimmy Lewis.

This high performance board is very accessible to any rider who wants to have maximum performance in the surf. Added width and volume makes this board very forgiving stability wise, without sacrificing performance aspects of the advanced shape. The fast, flat bottom nose entry that feeds into the single concave creating lift and speed then flowing back into the double concave through the fin area which gives the board drive through turns makes this board highly responsive and maneuverable. The wider tail block gives the board added drive and thrust while the swallow tail keeps it responsive and allows for easier, tight turning. 5 fin box set up.

The board is in perfect condition non dings, no scratches

Comes with five fins and jJimmy Lewis bag

Feel free to contact JLID Distribution for any further infos

Specs: 8.1 x 29.5″ LT 110

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    Available sizes

    8.1 x 29.5

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