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Jimmy Lewis DestroyerPM

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DestroyerPM  new supboard by Jimmy Lewis.

We are super excited & can’t wait to ride with new model by Jimmy Lewis named the “Destroyer”

Modelled off his number 1 selling surfboard model the Destroyer will be the perfect 1 board quiver
With a beautiful pulled slot gacor maxwin in rounded pin tail & fuller nose it should fit in somewhere between our number 1 best selling board the Striker & maybe the Stun Gun

Performance with stability & paddle power
The DestroyerPM will come int the following sizes and in white color

Comes with 4+1 center fin

Construction I-Beam PVC sandwich classic


8 x 30 115L – 8’5 x 30.5 130L – 8’10 x 31 145L – 9’3 x 31.5 160L


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Head high


Over head



Dimensions N/A
Available colors

Purple, White

Available sizes

7'7", 8'10", 9'3", 8'0", 8'5''

Board constructionJL Classic Construction
Fin8’5″ - 6″ JL swept fin and 4″ side bites
8’11”- 7″ JL swept fin and 4″ side bites
9’5″ and 10'0'' – 8″ JL swept fin and 4″ side bites

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