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Jimmy Lewis
Jimmy Lewis WORLD WIDE 8'9

Code: J89WW

Jimmy Lewis WORLD WIDE 8'9

Manufactured by: Jimmy Lewis

8'9 x 31" x 3.75" - 141 lt

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Jimmy Lewis WORLD WIDE 8\'9Jimmy Lewis WORLD WIDE 8\'9

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The World Wide features a swallow tail for super aggressive turns when you want to tear up the wave face.
A little extra width over the Super Tech makes it a little more forgiving when paddling in and around the lineup.
5 fin boxes.
Comes with 4.5″ Thruster Jimmy Lewis Honeycomb Light Fins with chambered bases.
New:2017 models come with recessed handle.
New:2017 models are equipped with nose GoPro mount.
Look also the other sizes and colours:
7'9" x 29"- 103 lt - Orange
8'1" x 29.5" - 112 lt - Red
8'5" x 30.25" - 127 lt - Yellow
9'3" x 32" - 154 lt - Green

Specifications: 8'9 x 31" x 3.75" - 141 lt

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