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The Seller is discharged from liability with delivery of goods to the Courier.

After this event the courier is liable for delivery to the client.

Upon receipt of goods and before signing the receipt of delivery to the courier, please make sure that the number of packages delivered is consistent with those mentioned in our document.
Please check carefully that no package is damaged , and make sure that nothing is tampered.

In any case if there is a suspect damage or difformity, please sign with "ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO INSPECTION", and write a brief description of reasons: (eg Lack of packages, Crushed package, damaged package, deformed package etc..) at info@jlid-distribution.com.

Be aware that without any condition to acceptance, the Courier is not liable for damage during transport.

In case of damage:

1) Within three days from delivery send a claim by registered letter to the courier with a accurate description of damage.
2) Please send to Us an email or a fax with number to reply, please write a detailed description of the damage and attach a signed copy of the delivery receipt.

We advise to keep all packaging, labels, marks packages and all that can be useful to make easy a quick solve of disservice.

For further detail contact us via email (please visit our "Contact us" section).

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